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Key To Successful Advertising: 5 Books To Learn Copywriting

Learn copywriting with these 5 amazing books. 

Learn copywriting now! These books will teach you the simple key formulas for writing successful copy that will SELL your products.

It can be wasteful to spend a lot of time and money on advertising and promotional materials if you don’t know the basic key steps to writing strong copy that sells. So quickly and easily learn copywriting!

You use copy all the time when you create mailers, flyers, ads, emails, and biographies. But are you making the most out of all this promotional material? Each should reinforce your mission to sell, sell, sell. Here are 5 books to read that can help you writer stronger sales copy:

  1. The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-By-Step Guide To Writing Copy That Sells by Robert W. Bly

This is for the basics of writing clear, concise copy that sells.

  1. Web-Copy That Sells: The Revolutionary Formula For Creating Killer Copy That Grabs Their Attention And Compels Them To Buy by Maria Veloso

If you don’t have compelling web copy, you’re missing out on a major segment of traffic nowadays. This teaches you how to write copy for social media, web ads, videos, and email. It’s also a great sales book.

  1. Kickass Copywriting In 10 Easy Steps: Build The Buzz And Sell The Sizzle by Susan Gunelius

Like it says, it will teach you copywriting in 10 steps. It cuts out long explanations on copywriting and gets you right to the point quickly.

  1. Phrases That Sell: The Ultimate Phrase Finder To Help You Promote Your Products, Services, And Ideas by Edward Werz and Sally Germain

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your readers. And this first phrase they read can make or break a sale. This book is the best guide for finding the perfect phrase that will sell your artwork.


  1. Words That Sell: More Than 6,000 Entries To Help You Promote Your Products, Services, And Ideas by Richard Bayan

Like a selling thesaurus, this can help you find the right word for every situation and type of promotional material. It can tell you which words sell better and it can also tell you why you should avoid certain words.

Good luck copywriting your way to sales!

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