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How To Land A Sales Consultant Position

Sales positions are very desirable because of the unlimited growth and profit potentials. But how do you land such a position? Most sales consultant positions want people who already have business to client and business to business sales experience.

While some companies are willing to train employees, most already want you to have a solid foundation in sales. The question, then, is how do you start? Think of the ideal company you’d like to work for and then find an entry level position that you can grow from.

If your dream is to work as a sales consultant in a fine art gallery, consider applying to be an assistant or a shipper. When they see how hard working, smart, and knowledgeable about the artists you are, you can bring up moving over to the sales floor. Even if this doesn’t happen fast, it gives you an opportunity to watch other sales consultants in action. You can soak up their sales pitches. You bring up any sales questions you have to them in their down time. Ask them for recommendations for sales books.

If you dream is to sell cars, jewelry, expensive suits, medical devices, whatever it is, there is always a starting point. You may be cleaning, entering data, or selling the products no one else wants to, but you’ve got your foot in the door.

How can you really land that position, once you’re in the door? What do your sales managers want to hear from potential sales consultants? They want to know how badly you want to make money. They want to know that the potential to earn more money will drive you and get you excited. They want people who are self-motivating in this difficult field. If you have a strong insatiable desire to earn money then your company will earn money from you.




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