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How To Make Art Collectors More Comfortable & How To Make A Trust Sale

Here are 5 ways to make an art collector more comfortable around you so you can make a trust sale!

Trust sales in art galleries and other retail businesses are important. It’s great if you land any kind of sale, but trust sales help you build long term relationships with your customers, and those result in return sales year after year!

You’re first major obstacle in sales in the art gallery is to make your client feel like they can trust you, trust what you have to tell them and what you have to show them. Here are 5 easy ways to get your gallery art collectors to feel more comfortable around you so you can make that trust sale:

  1. Be polite and respectful, but also conversational.
    Don’t go overboard, but use, “Mr.” and “Mrs.” unless they prefer their first name, and “please” and “thank you,” when appropriate. Smile when you converse with them and build up some energy in the conversation. If you’re not excited about the artwork, they will start to wonder if they’re wrong in being excited about it. So make sure their artwork is your favorite and show it!
  2. Be very honest with your collectors at times.
    Get them to open up about themselves by opening up about yourself when appropriate. If they ask you about yourself and you’ve had a difficult day for some reason, admit that, but turn it around into some kind of positive. It will throw your collector off a little with your honesty, but that’s the first way to make them feel like what you have to say is trustworthy.
  3. If you have figured out that you have something in common with your collectors use that.
    Maybe your collectors brought their sons with them into the gallery and one of their sons wore a basketball jersey. You saw last night’s big game and can hold your own in a conversation about the team, go ahead and talk to them about it. Build rapport. Show that you share interests.
  4. Ask your art collectors open ended questions about themselves or their interests.
    And then listen. Really listen, nod, and make eye contact with them. People trust people who take the time to get to know them.
  5. Make and keep your promises.
    If you scheduled a home show with some potential collectors be very strict with your follow up. Call them before your scheduled meeting time, tell them you’re on the way, and get there exactly when you said you would. Bring the desired artwork you said you would, and hang all the artwork you said you would. Never under-perform or over promise.
These 5 simple steps will really develop that initial comfort level between you and your art collectors. Remember that you’re not just selling your artwork or products, you’re selling yourself and you it’s critical that you make that trust sale.


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