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How To Make Customers Feel Special

How do you make customers feel special? And why does it matter?

You can satisfy customers, but unless you do something more to make customers feel special, to make them remember you, they won’t go out of their way to come back to you for more products. Here’s how to make your collectors feel like royalty and want to come back to your gallery every time.

You’re a large fine art gallery. You have viewing rooms where you can bring potential collectors and let them sit down on a large comfy couch while you demonstrate to them how lighting makes your paintings incredible. But what else will impress your would-be collectors? Think about small ways to make customers feel special.

  • What about a glass of wine? Red or white. Or a glass of champagne?
  • Maybe it’s not the right time of day. A cup of espresso is extremely classy.
  • Add a few chocolates to the plate.
  • Or if they’re not feeling it, a cold bottle of water on a hot day is always appreciated. You may need an assistant in this case, but it’s that extra little touch that let’s your collectors know you care about them.

It makes the whole experience enjoyable and positive. So when your collectors buy one piece of artwork, hang it in their home, and pass by it in the mornings, it will bring a smile to their faces because they thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of acquiring that artwork at your gallery. It’s the first step to getting them back in your art gallery to buy more artwork. And it makes your art gallery stand out from the sea of retails stores they may frequent.



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