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How To Measure Your Promotional Success Using 2 Different Tools


How to measure promotional success. It’s easy if you have the right tools. 

Promotional success is key to building and growing your business. 

There are two ways to measure the success of your marketing and promotional endeavors. One is so simple and easy, if you’re not doing it yet you’re missing out on an excellent sales technique. The other is difficult, but not impossible to measure and measuring it may prove extremely beneficial.

Start with the second, harder promotional sales technique, the flyer.

The flyer is designed and mailed to your everyone on your collector list. Start out with one a month. Make sure the flyer has a call to action, an RSVP to an event, for example. How many people RSVP to your event? Keep track of this number. Then at the event, keep track of how many, who RSVPed and who didn’t RSVP, but received the flyer, showed up. This takes time and energy to track down people. But, if you do it, you may be able to adjust your mailer to make it more effective. Maybe you noticed from your data that only locals showed up to your events and want to refocus your flyers to only hit those houses. Or, maybe the flyer isn’t effective at all and you decide to cut it out of the promotional plan, saving hundreds of dollars a month in printing, envelopes and stamps.

The easier promotional tool that everyone should be using is the email blast.

The email blast is such an incredible marketing and promotional device nowadays. You can adjust the templates you have so quickly and easily. And all the data, the open rates, the click through rates, they’re all compiled for you already. So you can adjust them till your heart’s content and keep checking and seeing how the data changes after every alteration. And it doesn’t cost you any extra money to do so. This could single-handedly be the best and strongest tool you have in your promotional toolbox. And once you have this down and have over 30% open rates, you could employ you’re new knowledge toward created successful flyers for the mail. 

Email blasts allow you to experiment, a luxury you don’t get with traditional mailers, so it’s so critical that you take advantage of this new technology. But you don’t want to spam everyone otherwise you’re emails will end up lost in your collector’s junk mail folder. Be tasteful, but creative.

These are just the two most obvious ways to measure promotional success. Keep experimenting!



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