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What Are Must-Haves For Your Gallery Sales Training Guide?

Does your art gallery sales training guide include everything you need?

What do you need in a art gallery sales training guide?

Will this art gallery sales training guide increase sales? What else can it do?

Your fine art gallery isn’t like any of the other galleries in the neighborhood, right? So you don’t want your art consultants selling your artwork like they would at any other gallery, correct?

You want to control the information your sales consultants provide and dispense to make sure every sales consultant is selling in the same way, your way, made especially for your specific gallery, every time.

This can be done easily by creating a booklet for sales training. This booklet should out outline in an easy to read format all the possible sales information your art consultants could ever possibly need. And it should be constantly changing. As your gallery grows and gets better and you learn better sales strategies, your booklet should reflect the updates. This means that your art consultants should be constantly (maybe once a week) reading through the sales steps and advice to stay fresh and clear on the information.

What should you include in this booklet? Here are 13 important sales steps your sales training booklet should contain:

  1. How to greet visitors.
  2. How to approach potential collectors.
  3. How to gage if a person is a serious art collector.
  4. How to bring artwork back to the viewing room.
  5. What pieces of information should your sales consultant say about each artist and each particular painting or sculpture.
  6. What questions to ask your potential collectors inside the viewing room.
  7. When a sales consultant should ask their Art Director for advice.
  8. When to step back and give potential collectors room.
  9. How to overcome any sales objection.
  10. How to close the sale.
  11. How to take different kinds of payments and fill out an invoice.
  12. What to talk about after a sale.
  13. How to follow up.
Review your sales training guides and update them today!



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