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Why You Only Need To Carry One Business Card When Networking

Do you usually grab a stack of your business cards when you go out to a networking event or even inside the gallery.

Do you hand out 10+ cards a day? Is that effective networking? Is that really the right way to go about generating new leads? And is this especially true in sales?

What if you only took one business card with you to your next networking event? Crazy, right? No, not really, when you think about it.

When you hand out business cards to others you’re placing the pressure on them to contact you. Sure you may have made a great case for why they should call you, but will they? Maybe they forgot or life got in the way.

But if you never brought business cards to hand out in the first place then the pressure is on you to take other people’s business cards. Secure their information if you think they’ll be an asset to you in some way. Make a commitment to them to follow up in 2 days. And then, keep that promise! If you want to grow that relationship, it’s on you. Don’t wait for others to contact you. Go ahead and contact them and make those connections.

Just make sure that this isn’t an event where it’s absolutely necessary to carry those business cards. You’ll look stupid if you leave them at home. Or bring them, hand them out, but remember the obligation is on your end to follow up.

This isn’t only important at networking events! This is critical inside the art gallery to generate new leads for sales.

While yes, you want to give out some promotional material to potential leads that enjoy the artwork in your gallery, but can’t commit, it is 10x more important that you take down their information so that you can follow up with them in a few days. Write down their name, phone number, email, address if possible, and then when they’ve left add in any notes about them to remember them. What paintings did they like, what type of artwork do they collect, and would you have to ship the artwork?

Focus on three things. 

  • First is making an impression on the person you’re talking to outside or inside the gallery.
  • Second, take down their information and promise to follow up with them.
  • Third, follow up!

Good luck!


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