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Why You Need Weekly Meetings Inside The Gallery

Why you need weekly meetings to deal with last week’s crap and to set next week’s goals. 

You need weekly meetings to train and motivate employees. You need them to grow your business.

Have you had a rough week at work? Do you feel like yelling at your art consultants for that botched sale? Good news, today is the end of the week and it’s time to hold your weekly meeting to figure things out and possibly yell at your art consultant. Just kidding… Don’t yell at anyone.

As owner or art director of the gallery or retail business, keeping your emotions in check is a high priority. It shows professionalism and it will make your employees respect you more. No one respects or wants to work for that boss that yells at you every time you make a mistake.

Take this opportunity to hold weekly meetings with all your employees and go over last week’s successes and shortcomings.

  • Basically, figure out what worked, what didn’t work and why.
  • Some of your worst experiences, your most horrendous sales, that ultimately ended up with unhappy potential collectors, will end up being your best learning experiences.

And as for your successes, figure out how to replicate them more quickly and easily.

  • Rinse. Then repeat.

Next, go over goals.

  • You met all of your goals from last week, so what are your new goals for this week? What are your goals as a whole art gallery team and what are your employees’ individual goals.
  • What ideas do they have written down or memorized to help them achieve their goals. What tips do they have to share with the rest of the team?

Working as a team means communicating in a calm, effective manner. It will increase company goals, organization, and happiness.



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