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Why Nurses Make Great Sales Consultants

Nurses would make great sales consultants and here’s why. Now,¬†we’re not saying you have to be a nurse to be great at sales, we just mean there may be a lot you can learn from nurses when it comes to selling.

Sales consultants can learn a lot from studying the personable qualities of nurses and people in the health care industry and apply these skills toward increasing business in their field and becoming great sales consultants.

Here are 5 qualities that every sales consultant should work toward having so that they can become great sales consultants:

  1. The ability to listen to your patients/customers.
    Nurses spend their time making their asking their patients questions. They learned how to listen carefully, pick up key words, and ask the right questions. In selling, it’s so important to learn about the customer, find out what they’re looking for, and what they want.
  2. Nurses know how to empathize with others.
    They have real conversations with people. They’re not afraid to reveal a bit of their own humanity to get others to open up and feel more at ease.

    Sales consultants could do that with customers on a more basic level. If a customer asks how they are, don’t be afraid to say, you’re son was sick all weekend, but he went back to school today, so you’re doing a lot better now.
  1. Nurses are attentive to the smallest of details, they can’t afford not to be!
    They’ll sit there with their clipboard and take notes. As a sales consultant if you need to take notes to get down all the information to make the best recommendation for your customer, then that’s what it takes. It also helps to keep meticulous notes if an art collector may want to buy artwork, but not at the moment. If you write down that they want to buy artwork in three months, you’ll remember to make that sale then.
  2. Nurses can speak to any type of person about any health issue.
    It doesn’t matter the patients age, socio-economic status, or personality. They’re flexible and treat everyone the same. As a sales consultant you have to be emotionally stable and non-judgmental. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to pick up on clues to indicate that maybe they can’t afford something. If a nurse can tell a patient is worried about the cost of their healthcare they’ll take effort to go over various insurance options. A sales consultant should do the same and offer financing if you think that’s what it takes to close the sale.
  3. Nurses have a lot of respect for others and for rules.
    They have high morals and ethics, something that can unfortunately be strongly lacking in the retail sales industry. The sales profession doesn’t always have the best reputation. Think: used car salesman (did you cringe?). That’s why it’s so important to carry yourself in a way that earns the trust of your customers. And that’s easy to do if you respect and care about others.
Good luck and have fun selling!

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