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How To Package Sculptures Correctly And Safely

Do you need to know how to package sculpture correctly and safely?

Find out how below:

You just sold a few sculptures at your art gallery. First off, congratulations. Secondly, though, are you interested in packaging the artwork in house? Then you need to know how to package sculptures correctly and safely.

If it’s a fairly large and an odd shaped sculpture then you know that paying for packaging through a shipper can be costly. Buying the materials you need and having an employee package it in their downtime will save money. Especially since you had to sell it discounted!

Due to the costs, you¬†might be wondering how do you go about packaging sculpture correctly and safely? Let’s say the sculpture is glass, to put it on the real fragile side. Now you need a few different types of material. You can wrap the glass in saran wrap or paper then cover it in thick large bubble wrap. Find a cardboard box that will fit the sculpture loosely. Then start filling the box with packing peanuts. Fill the bottom then put the bubble wrapped glass sculpture inside. Fill the rest of the box with an overflow of peanuts, assuring that there is a consistent layer and every side of the sculpture insulating it from the box. Tape the box shut and then find a larger box. Now do the same thing with this box as you did with the sculpture. Fill the bottom of the larger box with peanuts, then place the smaller box inside and fill the rest of the room with peanuts. Make sure they overflow and stuff them down tight. Then tape the box off.

A second way to package a fragile sculpture is actually much faster and easier. Many shipping supply stores offer mold-able foam. This packaging foam forms and hardens at room temperature. You place it between the sculpture and the box to create a mold. This removes any air between the sculpture and the box. Cover the glass sculpture in paper or saran wrap and a thin layer of bubble. Then seal it with the foam mold inside it’s box.

If you’re still scared about shipping it in the second method, although it’s incredibly secure and safe, you could add another box like in the first method. Put the smaller box inside a larger box between a layer of peanuts. And voila!

You’ll never have a shipping incident again. And you’ve probably cut the packaging price at least in half by doing it yourself inside the gallery. The materials are also reusable, so you save money there too if you do a lot of shipping.

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