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How To Provide Framing Options To Your Art Collectors

A select few galleries offer in house framing, but this is a big business that your gallery may want to get in on. You want to provide your collectors with as many options as you can, right? Offering framing options is one of the best things you can do for a art collector.

Offering more framing options in your art gallery might mean the difference between getting that sale and not. If your potential collector absolutely loves the painting you have, but hates the frames it’s in, you need to have fallback plans. You could always deduct the cost of the frame and sell them the painting alone. But that leaves them the daunting task of reframing their painting. That might make them shy away from acquiring your painting. They don’t want to do work! Buying art is supposed to be easy and luxurious, not work…

To tackle this issue, you could find a local framer near you and go over a plan with them. They could provide you with the cost of reframing a painting for you (in multiple sizes). You don’t need to offer a frame shops worth of styles and colors, just a few. Buy a few sample frame pieces and leave them in the back of the gallery. When a frame inquiry occurs, you’ll be ready with samples. If you could present your potential collector with 2-3 alternate frame options, maybe that’s all they need to say yes. Maybe they just needed something black instead of gold to match their decor.

It’s a simple solution to another easily avoided collector objection.



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