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Questions Customer Have But Don’t Reveal!

Find out what 10 questions customers have but don’t reveal… Why is that important? If you don’t know the objections standing between you and your sale, it’ll never go through!

Here are the questions customers have but don’t reveal! These will help you close more sales!

The hardest thing for a sales consultant in the middle of giving their sales pitch is to read their potential art collector’s minds. You want to put yourself in their shoes in order to better understand how they feel about the sales process. Here are 10 questions that are most likely running through your collector’s head so you can better prepare yourself:

  1. “Am I crazy to be considering buying this piece of artwork?”
  2. “Is this worth the money?” Here, you have to built up the value of the artwork? Do your collectors understand why the price is what it is? Has the artist earned this price? What’s unique about this painting or sculpture?
  3. “What do I know about collecting artwork?” You have to reassure first time art collectors that you’re trustworthy and knowledgeable. Walk them through the whole process and make it as enjoyable as possible.
  4. “Do they offer discounts?” If price is what they’re stuck on, reassure them that you’ll work with them and make them happy. Then, on a piece of paper, build up the value, and then think about how you’re going to approach discounting. Maybe you just need to offer a free book.
  5. “Are they going to pressure me to buy this?” Have you developed the trust sale? Are you putting too much pressure on your collectors? You want them to feel comfortable around you. They won’t want to buy if they aren’t enjoying the process.
  6. “If I bought this where would I put it?” Have you asked your collectors where they would hang the artwork? If they say they don’t know, maybe that’s because it’s the wrong size and they don’t have any walls in their home to accommodate this piece of art. Or maybe they just haven’t thought of an area. Try suggesting where a piece of that size and shape could go, like over the couch, over a bed, in an office, etc.
  7. “Does my spouse like this?” Have you opened the communication channels between your collectors? They might be sitting next to each other, but if you haven’t given them space for a few minutes to talk alone, then they probably don’t know what the other person is thinking. Ask them if they both love it. If one doesn’t love it and the other wants to put it in the living room, then you’re selling the wrong piece of art to the wrong people.
  8. “What if I’m not happy with it when I get home?” What is your return policy? 100% full refund? Do you pay the shipping? Are you committing to their sale? If you don’t have these policies, it will make your collectors think twice about trying out a piece of artwork in their home if they feel they can’t return it if they’re not 100% happy.
  9. “Is this an investment?” Have you made it clear to your collectors that you sell artwork for the love of the artwork not for the resale value investment?
  10. “Do other art galleries have better deals?” Have you sold your collectors on your fine art gallery? Was your gallery the first one they visited? They want to see the rest? Do you let them? Are you scared they won’t come back if you do? Suddenly you’re losing their trust because you’re blocking the door. If you’ve sold them on the artwork, and they really just want to walk down the street, why not let them? Are you not confident in your artwork or in your sales ability?
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