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How To Reduce Anxiety, Working In Sales Is Hard Enough!

Want to know how to reduce anxiety and improve your life?

Learn how to reduce anxiety! Anxiety can be crippling. It can keep you from living your best life and climbing that career ladder. But there is a trick to stopping it.

Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Every time that painful, pit of the stomach, reaction hits you, ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” Is that pain that will lead to illness worth it? Is that fear that has you calling in sick to work worth it?

Is it worth the energy? Or the time? How about the toll it takes on your health and body? And on your career… Reduce anxiety now and live a better life.

You can most likely quantify how much you think whatever is causing you anxiety is worth and most likely it’s not much. Maybe one night of restless sleep and that’s it. Move forward. Keep yourself busy, but prioritize work related matters. And once you complete a task or a big part of a task, reward yourself. Don’t get caught up in stress and forget that every step forward is an accomplishment that should be acknowledged.

If you have time to think and drown in anxiety you’re not keeping yourself busy enough. It’s easy to find things to do instead of wasting away in anxiety. Again, even at home, keep busy and focused on a task to drastically reduce anxiety. Do something fun. Something you like that’s has no relationship to your work. You don’t have to run a marathon. Maybe you enjoy knitting. It’s not challenging, but it requires intense focus. It can put your mind at ease during high anxiety times. And it’s all about the process and not the results. Who cares if you make a 20-foot long scarf if it reduces the anxiety in your life and clears your head when it comes time to sell?

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