9 Biggest Sales Mistakes

Sales mistakes are common in retail. But by reading about mistakes others made you can avoid them and close more sales!

Here are the 9 biggest sales mistakes sales consultants make inside the art gallery:

  1. The first sales mistake is not selling the right artwork to the right collectors. They might like a painting you’re showing them, but had you listened more closely to what they were saying underneath all the words was that it wasn’t the right one for them. The one they saw when they first walked in however, may have been the winner. You have to figure that out and early on.
  2. You’re too focused on making your sales presentation to notice you’ve lost your potential collectors interest. You’re going to have to stop what you’re doing and shift you focus. You have to bring them back in. Get them to participate in discussion. Your sales strategy should consist of your potential collectors speaking at least 50% of the time. Engagement is key.
  3. You’re not asking the tough questions. You’re not getting to the real objections. You’re scared to bring up price. You have to figure out and solve all their hard objections before you can close the sale.
  4. You’re too focused on price. You could offer any amount of discount and gifts and it won’t bring you any closer to your sale. Sometimes price isn’t the real objection. Maybe they are worried that the painting won’t fit their wall or the colors won’t work. Get to the real objective.
  5. You’re wasting your time on visitors who are not potential collectors. They will never buy artwork from you because either they can’t afford it, don’t collect art, or are artists themselves. These people will talk your head off if you let them and steal you away from real business. Do quick assessments of people and find the quality potential collectors.
  6. You don’t ask for the sale. You’re deadlocked with the potential collectors because you’re too timid to ask them for the sale. You must push for it if you’ve overcome all the objections and they have agreed that that’s the artwork they love.
  7. You sell to one spouse without the other being there and you’re disappointed you lost the sale. Find out early on if your potential collectors needs someone else there with them to make decisions. If they says, “Yes, my wife, she’s done the block.” Then talk to them about the artwork for a while, but don’t bring it back to the viewing room, yet. Instead convince your potential collector to bring the wife in first so you’re not making two sales presentations.
  8. You didn’t create a sense of urgency in your potential collector so that they feel the need to buy the artwork now. Without creating that sense of urgency, you’re collectors will tell you they need more time to think about the sale. After you let them walk out of your gallery the chances of that sale closing just dropped significantly. Chances are they won’t come back.
  9. You made the sale, but you made promises to your collectors that you couldn’t keep. Huge sales mistake! You told them they could have their commission in 4 weeks, which you knew was unrealistic. You promised them you could ship the artwork to arrive to them on a certain day, but you missed that day by three days. You over promised and under delivered and you just ruined your chances for repeat collectorship. Repeat collectorship accounts for the majority of most art galleries’ sales.
What mistakes have you seen fine art galleries make?

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