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Secret Way Many Art Galleries Increase Income 10%, 20%, 30% Or More In A Year

Would you like your fine art gallery to increase income and make $50,000, $100,000, or $200,000 extra every year? Does that sound outrageous and impossible?

Maybe, but it can be done. You can increase income with the right planning and know-how through taking advantage of large art events called Expos.

Large fine art galleries with high-end artwork can increase income and can take advantage of these famous art expos that attract wealthy visitors from all over the globe who are looking to buy art right now. Booth costs are high, sometimes easily more than $10k depending on the size, but the return costs are limited only to the amount of artwork you bring and sell.

If you can do 3 art expos a year, you have the potential to really increase income and bring in tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars extra each year. They only require you to plan ahead, package and transport the art over to cities around the U.S. and take time short bursts of time away from your art gallery, maybe 1-2 weeks at a time. If you leave your art gallery in good hands, those of trusted sales consultants while you go attend these events, there will be nothing to worry about.

So what expos are worth attending? New York Art Expo is one of the largest and most popular. LA Art Show is another great one that always does well. Art Basel in Miami is an international affaire that does great and has sister events in Hong Kong and Switzerland.

Other notable art fairs include Houston’s Fine Art Fair, ArtAspen, ArtHamptons, and the Palm Springs Fine Art Fair.

Plan far in advance if you’d like to succeed at these events. They take a lot of organization and cannot be half-assed at the last minute. You have to plan with your artists to create extra artwork just for these events. That alone needs at minimum two months advance notice, preferably 3-5 months. Then you have to account for booth design, fees, transport, accommodations, work scheduling, paperwork, and more.

There’s so much money to be made here. It has unlimited potential. Good luck!



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