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How To Sell Artwork You Hate

Is it possible to sell artwork you hate?

It’s more than possible. It’s a reality for a significant number of sales consultants. Not everyone likes every piece of art and that’s especially true for the sales consultants. They just can’t verbalize that.

In fact, they have to repeatedly tell potential collectors that the piece of art their interested in is actually their favorite piece in the gallery. It’s not. They hate it. Or if they don’t hate it, they don’t care for it. But for those twenty minutes they spend talking about it to collectors, it’s the best piece of art they’ve ever laid their eyes on.

If they, as sales consultants, don’t express excitement over a piece of artwork, your collector won’t get excited either!

And they¬†have to be convincing, like an actor. This is easy when they focus on the facts and the strict sales process. It doesn’t matter if the art consultant loves the painting they’re talking about or wants to throw it out a moving car, they should bring the same amount of enthusiasm no matter what, because in the end the sales commission will be the same.

Perhaps it’s actually harder to sell a piece of art you love rather than hate. If you hate it, you want to see it go, but if you love it, a part of you might be sad to let it go.



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