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How To Sell Without Selling

Want to learn how to sell without selling?

People are so weary of sales consultants. Some people will avoid going into certain stores altogether because they don’t want to risk being “attacked” by a sales consultant. So how can a sales consultant sell without selling or, basically, appearing menacing?

The answer to how to sell without selling is to¬†shift your buyer’s perspective from one of thinking you’re going to sell to them to one of you’re going to help them.

If you go into your sales believing that you’re genuinely going to help people, then all your body language and your tone of voice will reflect that. Think of men and women in the health care industry. They aren’t selling procedures, medicine, or physical therapy, they’re trying to help you get the best care possible.

Now think of how a person in the medical field interacts with a patient. They ask them a bunch of questions, right? Then they listen and follow up with more questions. They are never use pressure. They are always gentle and thoughtful. While their priority is to make their patients healthy and your priority is to make your customers happy, the process is the same.

If you work in a CD store, you don’t want to jump on someone browsing CDs and tell them why they have to have this one CD in particular. You wait until they’ve found something they are interested in and then you ask them if they’d like to listen to a sample.

For the art industry, you have to be more visual. You can let your collectors (if you know them) take artwork for a test run. You could do a home delivery for local collectors. Otherwise what you need to do, while selling to them in the viewing room, is create an image in your collectors mind’s of hanging the artwork in their homes. You have to make sure the artwork is the exact size, color, and subject matter of what they have always pictured for a certain wall. If they can’t picture it in their life, it’s not the right piece of art for them.

So again, you see you’re helping them to discover something they didn’t know they wanted. You’ve listened to everything they’ve said, and haven’t said, and have made your educated suggestions on what you believe would be the best for them. This type of “sales” will always be appreciated.

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