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How Social Media Can Bring Customers Into Your Gallery

Here’s how social media can bring customers into your gallery. How Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter can definitely bring in more customers if used correctly.

Social media can bring customers into your gallery and sales into your register. Social media adds a whole new exciting layer to help your art gallery or retail store generate more business.


You can try to add all of your collectors, but what’s cool is what your collectors do. They like your posts, they share their posts, they brag about the artwork they’ve bought from you and generate new leads to your business. These are your collector’s friends and family. The people that have already been semi-sold on your gallery through word of mouth. Friends of collectors will be much easier sells if you can get them into your gallery because they’ve been recommended. They’ve heard so much about you and your art gallery that they unknowingly already trust you.

Instagram and Pinterest

You can use photos of your artwork to generate interest. To build a following. Nowadays it looks extremely impressive to have thousands of followers online. This helps you get picked up by news outlets, magazines, local radio stations. They’ll want to know what’s going on with your art gallery. They’ll share your events and help you grow even more.


Twitter is also great to help you spread the word about your gallery through hashtags. Learning how to use these can be an extremely effective way of garnering more interest in your events. Twitter also makes you think about headlines. How can you word things in 120 characters or less and get people’s attention? This is critical and can help you in all aspects of marketing and promotion. (See the other posts on headlines and copy writing.)

QR codes

You can use QR codes as well to bring encourage people in your gallery to scan them on their phones and “check in” with your gallery on social media. It’s a neat way to encourage younger (future collectors of your art gallery) to follow you online.

As you can see, social media is a way of life now, but if done well, i.e. you put in the time to write great copy and post excellent photos, it can be an effective way to generate more traffic to your gallery.

How does your art gallery use social media to bring in more traffic?



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