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How To Store Artwork Safer And Protect It Better From Damage

Learn how to store artwork safer inside your fine art gallery. This will not only protect it, but make it so much easier to access in a flash!

Some art galleries are limited on storage space, but if you’re not or have room to redesign your storage area, you learn here how to store artwork safer which could protect your artwork better from damage.

It’s so easy to chip or crack a piece of fragile, expensive artwork if you’re not careful and then you have to spend time fixing it because you can’t sell cracked or chipped art!

For quick and easy storing place framed paintings back to back between cardboard is good, but pulling out the artwork from tight spaces in order to move can lead to damage.

A better solution that many museums adopt is to use a metal chain link fence and hang paintings up by the wire using a s-hook. You can easily use parallel rows of metal chain link fences as close as 6″ apart, set them on sliders and pull individual rows out to hang or retrieve paintings. This ensures that no painting is touching another painting, they’re in the air, not on the floor, and can easily be removed without damage. It also provides more storage area because you can hang as many paintings as you can fit, as if it were a wall.

For other types of artwork, like sculptures, floor to ceiling shelving will provide room for different sized sculptures. Sculptures can be placed together as long as they have some space and packaging to prevent them from moving around and falling into each other.

These methods will make storing and retrieving artwork quick, easy and damage-free.



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