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Team Building Exercises For Your Art Gallery Employees?

On first glance, it seems that art galleries don’t need teams, so why invest in team building exercises?

When you visit art galleries, you see one maybe two art consultants working at a time. If you inquire about some art you only ever deal with one art consultant. So why would it be important for an art gallery to perform team building exercises if the employees all work independently?

This is because art consultants only work independently on the surface. They might work alone in the art gallery for hours or days, but it doesn’t mean they’re not in constant communication with the other employees. Below we’ll go through the reasons for team building exercises and learning how to keep your employees on the same page.

Art consultants should be constantly working on strengthening their relationships in order to increase sales, productivity, organization, and idea development.

If the art consultants communicate effectively, they can increase sales. Perhaps one art consultant worked with a couple of potential collectors during their morning shift, but the couple decided to go to lunch to think about buying artwork. When the couple comes back, another art consultant is working the afternoon shift. If the first art consultant did not communicate with the second art consultant that could easily be a lost sale. But if the first art consultant filled the second in on all the details and they both maintained the same sales pitch in the viewing room, they could both walk away with a split commission on a big sale.

Team building exercises can also help with gallery productivity. Finding out what each art consultant’s other strengths are (besides selling!) will help run the gallery more smoothly. Maybe one art consultant notices that the database needs updating and leaves a note or message to the art consultant they know is good at that. There’s ALWAYS downtime in an art gallery to work on other tasks.¬†

Like the previous paragraph, organization goes hand in hand with productivity. The more organized the gallery is the higher productivity becomes. Clearly defining each employees role and skills will help keep those random stacks of paper you have forming mountains on your desk from ending up in the trashcan.

Team building can help make all your employees comfortable around each other and that encourages idea development. This is crucial if you want them to open up and discuss any new ideas they may have to increase sales and productivity. If they don’t feel like they can express themselves, then you’ll want your employees to spend more time developing their relationships so that they feel confident they can state their opinions and ideas without criticism.

Team building exercises don’t have to be exercises. It could be more like bonding. Making the environment more casual will help people to open up and be more relaxed. Maybe a weekly team lunch.

Good luck! You’ll have a stronger team and more sales!


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